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Our Conservation Academy will take place in Italy this year or as soon as possible! #PSPPèconItalia 

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The POMPEII SUSTAINABLE PRESERVATION PROJECT (PSPP) is an association of renowned European research institutions (including PAP, ICCROM, ISPC-CNR) from the fields of monument conservation and restoration, under the direction of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

PSPP is based at the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP outside of Munich. Its emphases are education and research related to the preservation of archaeological sites.

PSPP’s specialists preserve endangered cultural heritage while training the restorers of tomorrow.

PSPP’s annual Conservation Academy supports the training of young restorers who, while learning and practicing state-of-the-art techniques, make an important contribution to the preservation of world cultural heritage. PSPP teaches complex restoration methods and applies them directly to ancient buildings, with the work of young restorers assisted or supervised by seasoned experts.

Our Goals

  • Utilize innovative methods for sustainable conservation, implementing emergency interventions in order to conserve the iconic site of Pompeii and prevent further damage.
  • Develop and adapt materials, strategies, and methods that enhance efficient and sustainable restoration at Pompeii, with this knowledge transferable to other ancient sites.
  • Restore building complexes in Pompeii and preserve them for the long term.
  • Train young conservators and researchers, making a substantial contribution to the future preservation of world heritage internationally.

Conservation Academy



PSPP believes education is a responsibility that is equal in importance to the actual conservation interventions being performed on the monuments.


PSPP’s Conservation Academy is an eight-week-long experience in one iconic archeological site. Conservation Academy participants are already experienced and are eager to learn new skills and techniques.


A critical part of the Conservation Academy experience is for the young professionals to exchange ideas and discuss cutting-edge methodologies with their Peers. PSPP trains young talents in conservation, archaeology, and architecture as a means of creating a worldwide network of Cultural Heritage professionals.

Take a look at the detailed description of our work on site, here

Our experience on site

"The Summer Academy 2018 gave me the opportunity to work with ancient roman plasters. I had a closer look at historical mortars, could consider early restoration methods and practice modern conservation treatments as well".
Evgeniia Nasledova
Restorer, Saint-Petersburg
"I learned a lot about restoration techniques and processes thanks to the continuous exchange with people from many different countries".
Clelia Sbrolli
Archaeologist, Padua
"What I especially appreciated as a participant in the PSPP Summer Academy in 2018 was to discuss and to work with young professionals from all over the world. It was a great experience, both professionally and humanely".
Leo Borgatta
Conservation-Restoration Master, Basel

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